Quality of Products

We offer a wide selection of fine made knives for cutting nearly any type of wooden material. Our knives are made to exceed industry standard and provide trouble free long run performance even under heavy feed rates. Knives are true high grade A.I.S.I. mill run steels that are salt bath hardened and triple draw stress relieved for greater consistency. Knives are precision ground and corrugated on advanced CNC creep feed crush grinders for perfect bar to bar consistency.

Standard grades offered are:

D2-HCHC- High Carbon & High Chrome:
Our D2 (AISI) knives offer the best value for many moulding producers and planer mills. It is easy to grind and resists nicks in knotty soft woods. D2 contains 12% chromium to resist chemical erosion when cutting wet cedar or redwood. Great for softwoods and shorter runs in hardwoods.

V2-HSSTM- High Speed Steel:
V2 is our newest breed of HSS with extra Vanadium for long life. V2 offers nearly same wear life and performance as M2-HSS, but at about 25% lower cost. V2 has a 63 HRC and is easy to profile shape. Great for most long runs in soft or hardwoods.

M2-HSS- High Speed Steel:
Our true grade M2-HSS (AISI) steel offers 25% longer run times than D2-HCHC grade. Great for long runs in most soft and hardwoods.

T1-HSS- High Speed Steel:
Our T1 (AISI) steel offers 25% longer run times than M2-HSS. T1 is a well liked common European grade made of 18% Tungsten (W) for extra long runs and better resistance to abrasive glue lines. T1 is popular for mills that run mostly hardwoods or for softwood mills that want the ultimate in knife and cutting performance.

BN-HSS is our premium HSS with case hardened and black oxide to resist pitch build up. BN-HSS offers up to 100% tool life increases over standard M2-HSS, without being harder to profile shape. BN-HSS features a long wearing cutting edge that is more than 72 HRC. Great for long runs and stubborn hardwoods.

Similar to BN grade but more value added. It has the same cost with M2 grade but offers up to 80% tool life increase over standard M2-HSS.

V3-HSS- High Speed Steel:
V3-HSS offers up to 100% longer tool life over M2-HSS. This super alloy steel is great for long runs or on tough hardwoods. V3-HSS is like M42/T15-HSS and wears longer than M3-HSS. V3-HSS has 66 HRC hardness which is one of the hardest HSS offered.

For the ultimate value and long tool life you have to try our RW coated knives. By applying the hard long wearing coating to the face of HSS you can increase wear life 100% at a small additional cost. This line of steel is great for most hardwoods and can triple tool life in wet woods that contain tannic acids (oak, cedar, redwood).      

ER+ (Endurance Super Run coated grade)
ER+ (Endurance Super Run coated grade) - the best option for extended production time and tool life. An excellent choice for cutting problem hardwoods and for super long production runs. ER+ grade can also run some MDF to 240 linear meters before dulling. It has been proven to be one of the best choices for the top grade HSS steel in the market before you go to the carbide.

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